Mojo Monday ~ The Summer Day

“Tell me what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”


The summer solstice took place this weekend and the above reading of the poem The Summer Day by Mary Oliver seemed so fitting for this weeks Mojo Monday.  Ahhh summer.  It may not be just like it was when we were children and had summers off from school.  Except for the school teachers out there, most of us work through the summer, taking vacations here and there.  Maybe we go tent camping or travel to lakes, oceans and rivers and stay in cabins or resorts.

Did you celebrate the Summer Solstice?  Did you do happen to do anything special that day?  

My first day of summer was partially spent at nearby Whiskeytown Lake, a favorite place to relax, swim and play with the family and friends.


Brandy Creek beach at Whiskeytown Lake
Brandy Creek beach at Whiskeytown Lake

In the early evening we headed over to partake of some of the Sundial Bridges’ 10th Anniversary celebration.  On the solstice there was a flash mob dance to the song Happy right on the bridge at 6:45 pm.  That was then followed a couple of hours later by an astounding performance by Bandaloop on the Sundial Bridge.  They performed their aerial dances to the accompaniment of a local orchestra.  

Bandaloop collage

Last night watching these amazing athletic sky dancers perform, while local musicians played skillfully I felt in awe, of not only where I get to live, but the ingenuity and creativity of us humans. It was a perfect evening and I felt inspired and happy that it is summer.  While I don’t get the summer off, there will be regular lake trips, outdoor water aerobics at the local aquatic center, growing veggies in our garden, the wedding of a dear friend, a trip to Ashland with my hubby to see a play and a family camp trip to the coast.  I find myself wanting to soak up all the goodness around me and simply marinate in it.

What summertime happenings bring you happiness? Do you have any special summer plans?

Here are a few videos from the Bandaloop performance.  I wanted to share as it truly was a beautiful thing to witness.

Here is a video showing the first performance by three Bandaloop dancers. This video captured the whole performance.


This next video is the second performance with four Bandaloop dancers who dropped from the top of the dial.  This video capture a portion of the performance.

This final video was the grand finale featuring the woman in white and the dramatic long white scarf that floated and danced against the darkened sky so very beautifully.

Wishes for a summer of love.  

In closing, consider this
rephrased question taken from Mary Oliver:

Tell me what is it you plan to do 
with your one wild and precious summer?

Summer Solstice Mandala



A Poem ~ Can You See Me?

Can You See Me

Can You See Me?

who are you

and where

did you come from

I am just a mongrel

white girl

with a blurry and

undefined culture

I seek connection

and sisterhood

my skin may be white

on the outside

but I feel

the pain

of all

my sisters

I have deeply

felt the losses

and struggles

of those

who have come before

since I

was born

But your words

stake ownership

and my perceived




from you


my heart

and our community

How can we

be a tribe

when such lines

are drawn

when all I seek

is love

and belonging

I see you

you are my sister

Can you

see me?

Concentric Rings_edited-1

Mojo Monday ~ Autumn Is…

Autumn Beauty Collage - photos by Michelle Fairchild
Autumn Beauty Collage – photos by Michelle Fairchild

I find beauty and things to delight me in every season.  Our natural world is an artists dream.  Just look around and you can see how Autumn knows how to put on a show.  She is vivid and rich, the hues of yellow, orange and red sometimes shocking even in their glory.

Already this season our family of four, while on a weekend jaunt out of town, stopped in Suisun City at Larry’s Produce.  I am almost reluctant to share about it publicly, thinking it might be better to keep it a secret.  The market is already a wonderful place to pick up produce during the late spring and summer months, but it becomes even more festive in my eyes in the fall when the pumpkins, squash and gourds arrive.  Here is a sample of the delights to be had at the outdoor market.

Larry's Produce - Photos by Michelle Fairchild
Larry’s Produce – Photos by Michelle Fairchild

Living in Northern California in a more rural area there are also farms that transform into festive destinations in the month of October.  Just this past Friday I went on a field trip with my daughters 2nd grade class to a local farm where we went on a train ride, a wagon ride, picked pumpkins right off the vines, bounced on a trampoline, shot corn cobs out of air cannons, wandered through a corn maze and watched little piggies race.

Hawes Farm - photos by Michelle Fairchild
Hawes Farm – photos by Michelle Fairchild

Not only are the images about Autumn stunning, but so can be the words of writers who wax poetic about this season and its golden abundance.   Here are some delightful reads for you to enjoy.

A Circle of Sun by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Autumn Is

Awesome Autumn Day


Mary Oliver Song for Autumn



In my exploration of all tings Autumn I also came across this sentimental creation by Cathy Cullis called Fragile Things.

fragile things

autumn leaves      seedpods

feathers      rain clouds

fading photographs


my heart



Fragile Things by Cathy Cullis
Fragile Things by Cathy Cullis


Fall Fun

Have you experienced any Fall fun yet?

Here is a list of some ideas to get you going.

Consider writing your own poem about Autumn or simply a list that begins with Autumn is…

Grab your camera and go for a drive or a walk and capture some of the fall color in your area.

Pick up some pumpkins and colorful gourds at the store and create a display on your porch, dining room table or altar.

Is there something you love best about this season?