Notice the Little Things: Color, Circles, Sky, Orange

I joined an online group called “First 37” which started on January 1st. What drew me is the intention behind the purpose of the 37 day program. The description said it was for those who want to live more meaningful lives, one day at a time, who want to start the New Year with intention. First 37 is designed to help me explore what I want to create in 2019, and set me on the path to creating it. I get a daily prompt that includes 3 different steps, and there is the opportunity for dialogue in a community of people on the same journey. Some of the prompts include noticing things and I love to capture those images in photographs, instead of just writing them down on an index card. I love to include visuals. I am using an app on my phone called LiveCollage to put together the quick collages you’ll see featured below.

Notice the Little Things: Colors
Our world is vibrant and filled with so many colors. I am always moved by those videos of people who are color blind and receive the glasses that allow them to see color.
Their reactions are almost always emotional. I find myself crying to every time.
Notice the Little Things: Circles
Notice the Little Things: Sky
The forecast was for a cloudy and rainy day. I attempted to catch a sunrise before the rain arrived. There was a teasing moment when pink began to form in the east, but it was short lived. I still took note of interesting sky images that morning.
Notice the Little Things: Orange

Manifesting In A Wonderland

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Today in Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine
is my latest article called
Manifesting In A Wonderland

My enthusiasm for bright new ideas and plans for the future has been lagging lately.  This didn’t bode well as I began to try and figure out what I would write about the topic of Manifestation.  In light of my floundering I found myself googling “What if you don’t know what you want to manifest?” except that I somehow typed it wrong and wrote “What if you don’t know what you have to manifest?” The change from want to to have to gave the question a whole new energy. I laughed a little and looked up and asked the Universe, “What is it that I have to manifest?”

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