Mojo Monday ~ Whimsy In the Garden

There is something so refreshing and fun about creativity and whimsy in nature.  I spotted a fun photo on Pinterest and followed the link back to the creator of the above signs.  The website where this image can be found is called Fresh Picked Whimsy and the blogger is artist Lori.  Her original post about how this sign came into existence can be found here.

What I loved seeing is how this project started off with a creative idea and a pile of old wood.  The photo to the left shows the pile of unused wood that was just waiting for a creative artist to come along.  

The simplicity of taking what is already readily available and turning it into an adorable garden art piece is brilliant.  

Look how simple it was to create in the following images.  First pick out some pieces. Next paint them.  

Lastly, add locations that have meaning to your life.  If you want to add the distance, simply look it up on google maps or some other on-line mapping program.  Have fun with the lettering. Lori did a beautiful job on these by using white and black to create some dimension to the letters.  I also loved a suggestion on Pinterest that stated you could also include dates for when you visited these various places on the back.  

What are you waiting for, go forth and create whimsy!

Mojo Monday ~ Spirit Essence Portrait

Spirit Essence Portrait painted by Melissa Harris for Michelle Fairchild

Melissa Harris is an artist I have long admired.  I have followed her work for over 12 years now.  She is one of the artists that makes me go “Wow!”   

Melissa features two web sites of her work.  One is focused on what she describes as Melissa Harris Fine Art and the other is called Creatrix, A Division of Melissa Harris Art Enterprises.

She has the most amazing series with such titles as Empowered Women, Women and Magic, Women and Love, Women and Nature, Women and Meditation, Women and Dreams, Women and Cats, Cycles of the Moon and Mermaids.  

She has created two inspirational decks of cards. One is called Goddess On the Go and the other is Anything is Possible.

Melissa’s creations while focused on her amazing paintings also often offer up her gifted insight and healing thoughts.  The messages in her gift cards are often poetic and powerful.  

Her art, which is sometimes available as prints, candles, jewelry, tshirts and more make very thoughtful and beautiful gifts.

For many years I have longed to have her do a Spirit Essence Portrait for me.  This year when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday it came to me to finally get this for myself.  I even offered to split the cost with him.  Melissa asks for a photo of the person and then asks the person to include some questions she/he would like answered.  Here is how Melissa describes the portraits on her web site:

Have you ever wondered what aspects of your being would reveal themselves to a psychic or “intuitive” and what these qualities would look like in a painting?
I combine my background as a clairvoyant with my artistic abilities to create your own spirit essence portrait. I will tune into you and do a 7″ x 10″ watercolor painting of your unique essence as it appears to me in a semi-trance state. I then combine the elements of what I find into your painting in a way that will be helpful for you in your path of development. For example, this might include reminders of issues you are working on, aspects of yourself that you may want to honor, patterns of behavior that you are working on changing, etc. I never know. These are just some examples. The session takes 75 – 90 minutes and you receive the double benefit of learning what I “see” as well as owning a Melissa Harris original painting.  

When I received my personal painting that is featured above I was so very moved by it.  Melissa included a cd on which she recorded her message to me.  It was incredibly thoughtful and intuitive.  At one point I found myself tearing up even as I was so touched.  

Here are several more of my favorite Melissa Harris creations:

Anything Is Possible

In Your Power

Queen of Hearts

Be-lated Mojo Monday – Artist Kelly Rae Roberts

Artist Kelly Rae Roberts is so very inspirational.  What I love most about her creations is the way she combines her beautiful images with inspirational words.  I am both an image and word gal and I just adore it when both of these worlds are brought together.
This week Kelly Rae celebrated her birthday and is also celebrating her working relationships with a company called Demdaco.  Each day she has been sharing about the creative process and all the people involved in the process of bringing her art to a greater audience.  
I recently purchased one of her sweet figurines called  Hopeful Spirit. ´╗┐Here is the message that appears in her dress:  “In our best moments, we understand that our vulnerabilities are what connect us, that there is beauty in every step of the journey, that we can love bravely, offer comfort to our younger, broken selves, and soar, always soar on the brightness of being alive.”  This message so spoke to me.
I encourage you to visit her blog to learn more about this amazing artist:
Also note that this week each day amazing gifts are being offered. All you have to do is check out what topic or question is being featured and leave one comment. They will announce winners next week.