Mojo Monday ~ Whimsy In the Garden

There is something so refreshing and fun about creativity and whimsy in nature.  I spotted a fun photo on Pinterest and followed the link back to the creator of the above signs.  The website where this image can be found is called Fresh Picked Whimsy and the blogger is artist Lori.  Her original post about how this sign came into existence can be found here.

What I loved seeing is how this project started off with a creative idea and a pile of old wood.  The photo to the left shows the pile of unused wood that was just waiting for a creative artist to come along.  

The simplicity of taking what is already readily available and turning it into an adorable garden art piece is brilliant.  

Look how simple it was to create in the following images.  First pick out some pieces. Next paint them.  

Lastly, add locations that have meaning to your life.  If you want to add the distance, simply look it up on google maps or some other on-line mapping program.  Have fun with the lettering. Lori did a beautiful job on these by using white and black to create some dimension to the letters.  I also loved a suggestion on Pinterest that stated you could also include dates for when you visited these various places on the back.  

What are you waiting for, go forth and create whimsy!

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