Mojo Monday ~ I Want (p.s. Happy 4th Birthday to Mojo Monday)

I WantI have not always been really good about expressing what I want.  It is also difficult to express what I want when it effects other people and I start to feel like I am asking something of others.  I tend to be a bit independent in taking care of myself.  For example this weekend I really wanted our house to be less messy (our almost 8 year old twins had things and toys strewn and lying about in multiple ares of the house.)  I also wasn’t feeling so inclined to do all the picking up and cleaning myself.  It wasn’t so easy for me to mention to my hubby on Saturday night that it would be nice if the house could get straightened up.  It is difficult for me to explain to people who seem content in a less than neat house, how residing in chaos can make me physically start to feel all tense.  But my speaking up let my hubby know to be on board with kicking things into gear on Sunday and everyone helped out to make the house more organized and clean again. Ahhhh…soo nice.  Especially because my energy is seriously lagging.  My get up and go went somewhere else and I hadn’t found her once I got home from grocery shopping and put everything away this morning.


This idea of contemplating I Want was in part inspired by a post I saw weeks ago by artist and writer Kelly Rae Roberts.  Back on February 5th she shared a very sweet lists of wants in this post.

Dream Big In the Moonlight

(Signed/ Matted Print Available Here)
I made the above with True in mind, (a new little something for his new room in our new house) but I’m inspired to consider my own dreams as of late………
I want to have a picnic or two. And read a book in the green summer grass.
I want to make a memory book, printing off photos regularly and documenting more of our everyday life. 
I want to stay authentic in business, making choices that continued to be tuned into my vision, mission, truth. 
I want to trust the journey and the abundance that exists at every turn (it’s the small things).
I want to go to NYC and wander the streets with John.
I want to walk around my new hood, make new friends, put up a new little library.
I want to have more dinner parties. 
I want to make more collaborative paintings with True. 
I want to make more paintings for kids. 
I want to gather on the coast with new friends, old friends, and eat candy. 
I want to be still. 
Take it all in. 
Be grateful. 


I kept this particular post open on my iPhone and I visited it now and again.  There was such a sweetness and simplicity to her wishes that resonated with me. I have been asking myself, what do I want? Here are some of my thoughts.

I want to feel more relaxed.

I want to play with my children and hang with the family more.

I want to have less commitments.

I want less pressure and fewer deadlines.  

I want to spend more time gardening and hanging out in our yards.

I want to cuddle my 17 year old cat Bandito more.

I want to throw the Frisbee for 11 year old Shanti more too.

I want to paint more. 

I want to gently ease back into being in love with my book project.

I want to feel excited about the book and fleshing out a colorful vision for it.

I want more creative time.

I want more quality time with friends, not necessarily more quantity.

I want to say Yes to things that make my heart sing.

I want to say No to things that don’t light me up.

I always want to hear great music.



What about you?  What do you want?  Did anything that Kelly Rae or I shared inspire you or resonate with you?

 P.S. May 1st is Mojo Mondays 4th Birthday.  Here is a little something to honor this special day.

4th birthday candleMay 1st is “The Day of Ironic Insight” according to the book The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.  While Mojo Monday is not a person it has had a life of its own for the past 4 years.  It was a bit entertaining to read about the predicted attributes of those born on May 1st, for that is the birthday of Mojo Monday back in 2010.  

Here are some more of the descriptions listed for those born May 1st:

“[They] have a talent for watching what goes on around them and communicating their ideas on what they see to others.  Their capacity to express these observations, which most frequently deal with people, is generally either verbal or written, but rarely both.”

“…they also show an active interest in the events of the world around them.  Even the shyest take a stand within the family, business or social group of which they are a member.  Those born on this day are not everyone’s cup of tea, nor do they particularly seek to please others.  They are, however, respected for their honesty and though outspoken on issues of importance to them are nonetheless venusian in their love of harmony and beauty.”



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