We Are Stardust


Today in Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine
is my latest article called 

Can you wrap your mind around the reality
that both you and I are literally made of stardust? 
How does an identity of being made of stars feel when you try it on? 

Do you stand a little taller? 
Does it blow your mind, just a little, or maybe a lot? 

Does it make you want to swagger or maybe
just stare up at the night sky and say
“Why hello there my friend, I had no idea we were related?”

(p.s. ~ the Symphony of Science video at the end is quite moving)

About Michelle Fairchild

Michelle Fairchild is a writer and artist who at heart is a soulful and sensitive intuitive, a courageous creator, a resilient visionary, a self-esteem fluffer, a marvelous music mixer and one who offers up bridges of connections to her fellow travelers. She believes We Are All Meant to Shine! You can read more of her writing at her web site: We Are All Meant to Shine. (https://weareallmeanttoshine.com/) She is happily married to a middle school science teacher and is the adoring mama to identical twin daughters, who are very active 7-year-olds who keep her dancing. She has a small creative business called Red Boa Productions and also works for a non-profit foster-adoption agency in Northern California.

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