Mojo Monday ~ Let Your "Freak" Out by Alara K. Castell

Welcome Cosmic Cowgirl Alara K. Castell
Guest Writer for Mojo Monday

Let Your “Freak” Out

As I grow as a woman and as an entrepreneur the more I learn about myself. Just in the past couple of weeks I realized I’ve been resisting to some of my past mentors guidance because I didn’t feel it was in line with me, but who was “I?” What makes me unique? That is one of most common questions that you get asked when you are creating tools to market your business.
Of course I ponder and I think what makes me unique? I can think of some things but there is no way that I would admit that because I might have people running the other way.

But more and more I am accepting of my “uniqueness.” I promise I will share a bit at the end, but stay with me, while I share how I got to the point of letting my “freak” out.
It first started when I attended Brandy Mychals 6 Character Code Workshop. I learned more about myself and about me growing up then I did elsewhere. It all makes sense to why I am the way I am today. I was always a creative, talkative, silly child (characteristics of a cheerleader), but growing up with old fashioned parents (characteristics of a scholar) those fun characteristics faded as I got older because I thought they were not right because they were not recognized.

I was never told as a child that I was beautiful from my parents and I never got the acknowledgment, but that isn’t the fault of my parents as that is the way they were. I didn’t match my parent’s character code. Now understanding this I can let go of that pain and embrace those fun things about me again. I don’t have to be that proper person that I thought I had to be. That’s just not me!

After experiencing Brandy’s gifts, I listened in on a call hosted by Suzanne Falter-Barns and Jeffrey Van Dyk. They titled it “It’s Really OK to Be Different! Let Your Freak Flag Fly in the Marketplace.”

The key nuggets I got from listening to their call is that the “very thing that we tend to hide from the world is the very thing that is our greatest mojo.”

They asked 2 key questions… “What piece of you needs to be expressed? What piece of you needs to step into the light in order to be a whole person?”

I pondered on that answer and things came to me and I’ll share more at the end, but now my next inspiration.

Lady Gaga was my next encounter. Not in person, but that would have been amazing. I watched her interview on 60-minutes with Anderson Cooper. I have gained more respect for her and her individuality by watching this interview.

First her message is beautiful. Her message is that “You have the freedom to pull that superstar out of yourself that you were born to be. We are all born superstars.”

Second at the end of each of her concerts she says, “Tonight I want you to let go of all your insecurities, I want you to reject anyone or anything that made you feel like you don’t belong…FREE YOURSELF.”

Powerful words for a 25-year old! The way that she presents herself in this world is letting her “freak” out.

So you’re probably wondering right now what is my “freak.” I often hide that I like to dance sensually, that I’m silly and act like a dork because it’s not how I was raised. At home in the privacy of my own home… my silly self comes out most definitely, but the public doesn’t often see that person. I have been on stage before and led a sensual dance break. That was so much fun! It’s funny because I always got approached to how powerful I was when I let this “person” out…this “freak.”

Because of all the inspirations that I have encountered recently I’m ready to let my “freak” out. I’m not going to hide and run the other way. I’m going to share it with the world… my “freak.” I have to say it takes a lot of energy to be someone you are not and to hold back that inner “freak.” It feels FREE to be that superstar and to share my “uniqueness” with world and I feel empowered to be true to who I am.

So I ask you…“What piece of you needs to be expressed?

What piece of you needs to step into the light in order to be a whole person?”

Would love for you to share.

Special thank you to Brandy Mychals, Suzanne Falter-Barns, Jeffrey Van Dyk and Lady Gaga.

To read and see more about what I experienced with them see below.

• Learn more about Brandy Mychals and her 6 Character Code system by clicking here.

• Listen to the recording from Suzanne Falter-Barns and Jeffrey Van Dyk by clicking here.

• Watch Lady Gaga on 60-minutes by clicking here.

One thought on “Mojo Monday ~ Let Your "Freak" Out by Alara K. Castell

  • I really enjoyed reading this thought-provoking and inspiring post. I completely agree that we often hide our 'freaky' side because of social convention or family tradition. Using your questions I will try and connect with my freaky side 🙂

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