The Dressing Room Project

Need a little pick-me-up today? Feeling a bit down on yourself? Has the critical monster in your head been picking away at your self-esteem when you look in the mirror?

Well it is time to pick yourself up. It is time to start feeling good about yourself. And it is way over time to banish that critical monster in your head to a closet where you will lock it in and throw away the key!

How does one accomplish this? Well a first step is to look around for some inspiration and some feel good messages! A perfect place to find just that is by visiting the web site for The Dressing Room Project.

This is how the project describes itself on it’s web site:

“The Dressing Room Project is a girl-powered rebellion to free girls & women from the bonds of media-imposed standards of beauty! We’re posting our girl-designed cards on mirrors in women’s dressing rooms everywhere to help girls & women feel more comfortable in our uniquely beautiful bodies.”

The story behind the project:
Emerging Women Projects (EWP), a non profit organization for teen girls’ empowerment, launched this social change initiative in the year 2000. Girls in our program were getting angry about mainstream media’s portrayal of women. These unrealistic ideals contribute to the prevalence of negative self-image, eating disorders and other unhealthy behaviors in girls and women. We decided to take some positive action.
What began as a small grassroots project has now grown to include thousands nationally who participate through posting our cards in stores and starting DRP Action Teams to promote the movement.The Dressing Room Project Workshop for teen girls now tours nationally. We are excited to witness the incredible growth of this powerful project and the spread of our positive messages. “
Be sure to download the small cards that you can print. Click here for the new February cards. They are perfect for taping on your mirrors, public mirrors and dressing rooms.

They also have a fun collection of shirts, buttons, caps, tote bags and more in the on-line store.

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