Letting Creativity Unfurl

I am working on a series of paintings. They are for a special long-term project. Long-term because I think it will take me a while to complete the whole series. I keep telling myself to just take it one step at a time, or in this case, just one painting at a time. I also remind myself that the joy comes from the journey and the act of creating and painting. Sometimes I am not quite sure what will appear on the canvas. I just start and let the creative process unfurl and take on a life of its’ own. I am reminded of an affirmation that says “Creator, you take care of the quality and I’ll take care of the quantity.”

I am still not quite finished with Trust.
I have let this one sit for awhile.
It doesn’t feel quite finished to me yet
so I am awaiting that final inspiration.
The swirls and the flowers just don’t seem quite right to me.


Here is my mandala style painting called Divine Connection.

Divine Connection
I also have some touch up work to do on Turiya,
which I began painting just last night.
Turiya is the elusive fourth level of human consciousness.
It is supposed to be a state of pure consciousness.
This too is a mandala painting.

Lastly I also included the sketch I have ready for the next one
called Ahimsa, which is a Sanskrit term that means “do no harm.”
I traced my left hand as well as each of my daughters left hands.
I am hoping to have some time today while my
daughters nap to begin painting this one.