Mojo Monday ~ Your Fascination Advantages

Do personality assessments interest you?  Back in 2002 when I took the Myers & Briggs test my results were The Idealist Counselor (INFJ).  I loved reading all about it.  When I took the test in 2010 my results again came up the Idealist Counselor.  Upon taking the test today I was bewildered to discover that my results came out differently this time as a Guardian Protector (ISFJ).  I found it rather upsetting actually and contemplated how I have changed in the past several years.

Normally though taking such assessment is interesting and rather fun and there are many out there to explore.  A friend shared one with me just a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you. It is called Project Fascination.  You answer 28 questions in only 5 minutes and voila you get an interesting personality breakdown.

PF_28questions_Facebook.001 copy


I was identified as The Orchestrator.  This “title” was based on my Primary Advantage coming out as Passion and my Secondary Advantage result being Alert.  Words used to describe the Orchestrator are attentive, dedicated and efficient.  My Dormant Advantage is Power. I laughed when I read it because it really fit me.




The results went into greater details highlighting the characteristics of Passion and Alert.  Those with Passion were described as being Expressive, Intuitive and Engaging.  Those with Alert had strengths in being Proactive, Organized and Detailed.  The description about my Dormant Advantage – Power seemed very fitting for me too: 

  • Your approach is obliging and flexible. You’re typically not considered intimidating and tend to know how to adapt your message to the situation.
  • You want others to like you. With friends, you’re a good listener; at work, you are helpful. You typically listen with an open mind, taking care not to force your opinions on others. People confide in you because you tend not to judge.
  • You allow others to make decisions and are comfortable letting others lead, unlike POWER personalities, who strive to occupy the alpha dog position in the group.

You are not a dominant personality and dislike controlling others. You don’t want to be the bad cop. Avoid situations in which you must overtly command co-workers or clients. Instead, find ways to succeed with a more subtle style of engagement.

When forced to use your dormant Advantage, it exhausts your energy and focus. Because this is your least natural mode of communication, it requires tremendous additional energy in order to relate to others in this way. It feels awkward and unnatural. It leaves you drained.





My husband also took the assessment and his result was The Trendsetter with a Primary Advantage of Innovation and Secondary Advantage of Prestige.  Below is a large chart showing all the various combinations.  I find some of the titles especially intriguing such as The Veiled Strength, The Secret Weapon, The Maestro, The Provocateur and The Rockstar.  A few of the titles come across as less than flattering such as The Control Freak, The Aggressor and The Anarchy.  It would be fascinating to have everyone I know take the assessment and share their results. 





Thanks to my friend who took the assessment and then shared her code with me to take it.  After taking my own assessment I too was sent a code to share with 100 people so that they could take the test too.  So far I have only shared it with my husband so 99 more people should be able to use my special password. 

Here’s how Project Fascination Works:

You will take the assessment here and enter this code BL-Pokettiger 

Afterwards you will receive a code and you in turn can invite 100 people to the assessment for free. Share your code with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, office buddies, social circle, sports team, book club, prospective clients, college class, or anyone else you want to inspire with a creative new personality assessment.

After your 100 people complete the assessment, they will receive 100 free assessments to give away themselves. Just remind them to go back to the Project Fascination sign up page to register for their own code.


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