Mojo Monday ~ Where Love Is Deep

Where love is deep
much can be accomplished.
~ Shinichi Suzuki

Opening the book where my heart shaped bookmark was hidden within the pages I found myself greeted by Mark Nepo’s essay called Where Love Is Deep.

I find his book The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have to offer up wisdom, advice and new perspectives.   Seeing as how I have been working diligently on a big project, the timing was ideal to read the sage and inspirational words of Mr. Nepo.  

Here are the authors musings on envisioning, dreaming and manifesting.

“Despite our culture’s over-emphasis on doing, there is a a rightful place and time to get things done.  In truth, there is very little we can not do.  Much of the time we just lack either the ability to envision the dream built or the confidence that we can build it.

I remember early on how my grandmother would encourage me to envision even the smallest dreams down through my hands into the world.  She would say, ‘See it her,’ pointing to my forehead, and the she would take both my little hands and say, ‘Now see it here.’  Then she would laugh and say, ‘And soon, it will be here.’ With this, she would look around the room.

It is an amazing thing about being human that we can feel something inside and then build it in the world.  It seems we have this inborn need to love and to create.  At their deepest, these drives of spirit appear to be the same.  For through her love, wasn’t Grandma creating me?  Don’t we help birth another the instant we encourage them to see with their heart?  Don’t we help birth the world each time we give someone confidence to build what they see with their heart?

Somehow we are meant to wrestle the earth –wood, clay, marble — into forms; to seize the air — notes, words, color–into signs; meant to hold other breathing questions like ourselves and shudder as we part.  I go on and on as if to declare that life is worth living.  It makes me ask with joy, What shall we fall in love with tonight?  To what color shall we devote our being?  What instrument shall we be next?

Close your eyes and envision some becoming that you dream of.  It might be the dream of a solid relationship or the dream of a home or the dream of building something lasting with your hands.

  • Breathe deeply and envision the dream fully completed, existing in the world.
  • Breathe slowly and spend time with this vision.  Enter it and circle it.
  • Now open your eyes and look to your hands.
  • Feel the completed dream move into your open hands.
  • Feel your hands pulse with the energy of the dream waiting to be built.

What dreams are you envisioning?

Do the visualization exercises provided by Mark Nepo cause any shifts or realizations? 

Without thinking too much about this question (Just see what is the first thought that comes to mind.) What color is your dream?  
Were you surprised by the answer?  What does this color represent?  How does it make you feel?  

What do you think you would need to do to realize your dream?  

Do you think that it is true where love is deep much can be accomplished?

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