Mojo Monday ~ Honey In Your Heart

Writer and artist Mary Anne Radmacher shares that people have asked her over the years how she maintains a cheerful outlook in the face of clear and occasionally discouraging circumstances.  Her response is that her latest book, only just released on January 24, 2012, called Honey In Your Heart: Ways to See and Savor the Simple Good Things is her visual, concise, inspiring answer to that question.
Here is an excerpt of the introduction: “My days are fully occupied.  The many commitments and tasks in each day would happily fill my minutes from dawn to dusk – if I let them.  I get to set aside time for the sweetest things in life.  I make room in my heart for ‘honey,’ those things which are sweet, healing, and restorative.  At the end of the day, these small sweetnesses make up the taste that lingers.  These become the real treasures that bring richness to life.”

The book has three sections.  The first is called Ways to See.  This is where Mary Anne explores “some practical actions that create space in her heart and life for the more gracious activities, the small celebrations.”  

The second is called Savor.  Here is where you “will find many invitations to celebrate and savor the sweetness, that festive firework of a ‘Yay!’ that explodes in your soul when something seems a bit like a holiday.”  Here she “shares phrases, poems and thoughts that might inspire you to see the honey in your day that you’ve yet to notice.”  

The third section is called Simple, Good Things and this is where Mary Anne shares things that drew an audible “yay” in her experience.  She shares that she wants her list “to be the inspiration for you to begin your own list.”

Honey In the Heart is a beautiful book filled with the inspirational writing and colorful art of Mary Anne Radmacher.  Here is an example of beautiful word art that appears in the book.

She poses thoughtful questions ~ “What is the first things you set your sights upon in the morning?  And how do you invite yourself in to a day that you intend to savor?”

She shares some of her poetry.  Here is a poem about releasing pain from the book:

My pain stays in my wardrobe.
To wear it is always a choice…
The painful lyrics line my shelves.
Each page gives pain its voice…

My pain is in my history,
Giving impulse to my present view
It’s brought me where I’m standing and now
I’ll tell a bit to you –

For in the telling of the tale, pain feeds its weary soul.
In the space it takes in telling are my hours and
minutes – stole

From the freshness of this moment, from the truth of
this day’s dawn, pain steals and rakes and rolls upon the
soiled beauty I garden on.

My pain’s been ever with me.
But I tell you this time, clear,
It may have some this far with me,
but today – I’ll leave it here.

The book closes beautifully with these words in the Afterword from Mary Anne.

Mary Anne Radmacher has touched the hearts of tens and thousands with her popular cards, books, posters, journals, and gift books.  She conducts workshops and writing seminars on living a full, creative, and balanced life. 
She is the author of the following books:
Lean Forward into Your Life
Us: Celebrating the Power of Friendship
May You Walls Know Joy
Courage Doesn’t Always Roar
Live with Intention
Live Boldly
Please visit her website:

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