I Believe She’s Amazing

Kim MacGregor launched I Believe She’s Amazing to unite and inspire 1,000,000 women around the world to recognize the amazing women in their lives, in memory of her inspirational friend Erika Heller, who lost her four-year battle with colon cancer on May 28, 2009, at 31 years old, just two weeks shy of her one-year wedding anniversary to her Prince Charming, Ryan Cornell.

She organized a flash mob of 200 dancers to launch the “feel good” movement and the amazing choreographers and dancers pulled it together in just one-6 hr rehearsal the day before the shoot.

(The song is I Believe by Yolanda Adams, from the soundtrack to the movie Honey starring Jessica Alba.)

Kim had this to share about her dear friend, “I wish Erika to be remembered by how she lived her life: full of smiles, laughter, silly voices, love, encouragement, and gratitude for her many friends. Never missing a chance to show her appreciation for the gift of friendship—something that meant so much to her—Erika always ended our conversations with the words, “I think you’re amazing because…”

One thought on “I Believe She’s Amazing

  • Wow, this post and the video actually made me cry! They made me realise just how precious our lives are and that we must make the most of every moment. And it reminded me of my love for dance 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing.

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