Grateful Monday

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.”
~ Anthony Robbins

The above quote by Anthony Robbins is very true. Remembering to be grateful has the power to shift one’s mood. It has the power to make a glass that once looked half empty, look half full. It is very difficult to remain pessimistic when you take time to look around yourself and consider all that is good and right in your life. Sure there are days where you might feel stretched to write a gratitude list, but even on the worst of days one can still find something to include.

Here is an eye opening video called the Miniature Earth. The idea behind it is that if the world’s population was reduced to 100 people it would look like this….

Today I am grateful for:

having all my basic needs met abundantly (food, shelter, clothing)
having clean water to drink and bathe in, as well as indoor plumbing
this beautiful planet called Earth

What are you grateful for on this beautiful Grateful Monday?

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