Synchronicity & Spirals

I receive an email message from The Universe every day. I learned about this from a blog called Spiritual Cowgirl by the writer of The Red Book, Sera Beak. I’ll be writing a whole separate post on her amazing spiritual book. So today my message left me feeling a bit tingly. I think of it as synchronicity.

There were a lot of reasons
you chose to come to earth, Michelle,
and I am super happy to tell you
that not one of them was to
master being poor, lonely, or sick.
Incidentally, neither did you have any intention
of living your life without a red spiral heart.
Clutch! You came to “kick butt,” Michelle…

The Universe

While I like reading that I am not here on planet Earth to be poor, lonely or sick this isn’t the part that made me tingle. It was the red spiral heart statement. Sure these email messages from the Universe are used for many people. Yet it is such an odd combination “spiral heart.” What does that mean exactly to live with a red spiral heart? I don’t know the answer quite yet. This is something I will reflect on and write about.

What I do know already is that I have always been drawn to spirals. I wrote a post about this just a few weeks ago actually. The truly amazing part is that the image on that very same post is none other than a heart with a spiral. I actually purchased this piece, along with two other tear drop pendants with spirals from jewelry designer Becky Sharp. The background colors are stained glass. I love wearing them.

Pendant by Becky Sharp of Becky Sharp Designs
(Read below for information about this item.)

My seeking out spirals led me to Becky and when I contacted her she told me about a discount being offered on a blog and there was a chance to win the red spiral heart. I didn’t win, but I did use the discount and I did add the spiral heart to my order. I don’t think I would have been seeking out the spirals if I hadn’t been wanting something special to wear to the first Red Boa Playshop I put on just a week ago. The Red Boa is an idea that has been residing in me for more that a decade. A book title came to me many years ago – Life’s Too Short Not to Wear a Red Boa. I started working on it but fears and insecurities got in the way.
What lit my fire again in regards to resurrecting The Red Boa was the incredible Bountiful Visionary Women’s Conference held by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and the Cosmic Cowgirls. When I attended the conference I found myself in Healdsburg, California, in the amazing working studio of artist Sophia McCloud. I found myself in the midst of an incredible circle of women. We were there to share and absorb inspiration. The space was safe, sacred and supportive. I hadn’t planned on speaking about The Red Boa. I was open to a new and interesting experience. I went not knowing anyone. Yet I did find myself sharing during a circle time my intent to write a book called Life’s Too Short Not to Wear a Red Boa. What I did already know is that there is great power in speaking things out loud to a group of people. Speaking your intentions in a public arena can set things in motion. I wrote more about the conference and shared photos which you can find here.
Since that conference I began writing even more. I created this blog to explore topics and share the types of stories that are to fill the pages of Life’s Too Short Not to Wear a Red Boa. I also started planning a playshop for friends, a gathering where we would share, be creative, color and paint. I went and got a business license and named my business Red Boa Productions. I designed my own logo and created business cards. Everything fell into place smoothly and easily. It is this feeling of being in synch with something greater than myself that is very empowering and inspiring.

As a little girl I used to sit at my moms typewriter and compose stories. I have always dreamed of being a published writer. My vision has begun to grow and I find that anytime I am in a position to encourage others to believe in themselves and improve their self-esteem it brings me great joy. I hope to explore all the possibilities of playing that role more often in the lives of others.

I feel that I am walking, skipping and hopping along a path that is right for me. I don’t know what is up ahead exactly. The Red Boa Playshop was fun and inspiring for me to present. Are there more of those in my future? Possibly yes. I enjoy gathering with women in circles. I believe that art is healing and therapeutic. I believe that women circles can be a safe, sacred and supportive place to share and be inspired.
If you want to receive your own personal email message from the Universe click here.
If you are interested in the heart pendant or to check out more of Becky Sharp’s amazing jewelry designs click here.

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