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I write a column called We Are All Meant to Shine!
We Are Stardust
Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine is a place where the poets, the artists, the thinkers, the dreamers, the revolutionaries, the knitters, the wild and the holy ones come together to share a cup of virtual tea and tell our stories. Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine is a department of Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC, a woman and girl owned publishing and production house and school that turns lives into legends!
We empower and equip our members to create a world where the voices of women and girls are heard and valued. We gather women’s wisdom, both common and cosmic, and reach out to the worldwide community of women to learn together, laugh together, support each other, and end isolation and oppression of every kind. Our mission is to inspire a Creativity Movement by providing a platform for voices of transformation to be expressed and shared through online and on-campus workshops, educational multi-media events, books and tools that promote a vision of wellness, compassion and empowerment.
We know that FUN isn’t frivolous and POWER can be playful!

Where we believe all lives are legendary!
Mission, Objectives and Clarity of Purpose
Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine (CCM) playfully and powerfully nurtures and affirms women’s authentic, creative voices. Our editorial content and philosophy are grounded in inclusivity, building a safe, cozy, rollicking virtual Red Thread Cafe where our readership family can contemplate, try-on and own liberating thinking and revolutionary living. Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine alchemizes convention to birth legends!

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